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Current Affairs 25 September 2021 in English

Sep 25, 2021   |   Current Affairs, Current Affairs in English, September Current Affairs,

Q1. How many Arjun tanks have been ordered by the Defense Ministry?

Ans. 118

Q2. The International Astronomical Union has named a crater at the Moon's the South Pole after which Arctic explorer?

Ans. Matthew Henson

Q3. According to the United Nations report, 16 million people of which country are currently heading towards starvation?

Ans. Yemen

Q4. Which former Delhi Police Commissioner has passed away recently at the age of 70?

Ans. Yudhveer Singh Dadwal

Q5. What are the names of member countries of the Quad group?

Ans. India, USA, Australia and Japan

Q6. When is the International Day for the Complete Abolition of Nuclear Weapons observed?

Ans. 26 September

Q7. Recently India has held the first meeting of the Joint Working Group on Coal and Mines with which country?

Ans. Australia

Q8. Defense Ministry has signed a contract with Airbus company for the purchase of which aircraft?

Ans. C295 

Q9. Who hosted the first summit of Quad leaders?

Ans. Joe Biden (President, US)

Q10. Where is the world's highest charging station located?

Ans. Kaza (Himachal Pradesh)

Q11. What is the rank of India in the Digital Quality of Life Index 2021?

Ans. 59th

Q12. Cumbre Vieja Volcano is in the news, in which country is it located?

Ans. Spain

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